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Ironstripe Faraday Box – Exclusive Protection, Capacity, and Stylish Design

  • ALL-PURPOSE FARADAY BOX – Protect your most valuable possessions in your house by blocking signals and preventing vehicle, financial and identity data theft! Securely place your keyless car key fob, wallet, phone and credit cards inside of this box and never have to worry about signal hacking again!

  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE – Unlike other tiny signal blocking boxes, we at Ironstripe have designed our Faraday Box to fit many items at once! Sized at 7.48” x 4.72” x 3.54”, you can fit plus sized phones, multiple key fobs and large wallets. Even let your family add their belongings to this anti theft storage box!

  • PREMIUM SIGNAL PROTECTION – Padded with a double layer of signal blocking shielding material, your valuables will always be protected from harmful RFID and other hacking signals when they are in this box. This will effectively safeguard your valuable information when you are in the comfort of your own home.

  • STYLISH DESIGN & BONUS ITEM – This signal blocker box will look aesthetic, stylish and tasteful in your living space. The sleek black color on the inside of the security box will also prevent it from getting dirty. Also included with your purchase is a signal blocking pouch to take with you when you travel or store extra items!

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We know you will like this Car Key Signal Blocking Faraday Box. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let us know! We will offer you a refund or replacement box. We guarantee your happiness with your purchase from us.

We are enthusiasts of modern technologies and devoted professionals of smart solutions. Ironstripe’s team accumulated valuable experience, grew their interest field, and improved important skills for several years. We wanted to create a top-quality product that could be affordable to every buyer. That’s why we certainly understand the importance of the opportunity that allows every client to use our achievements and make one’s everyday life easier and more comfortable. It is the reason we created an exclusively innovative, functional hi-tech product – Ironstripe Faraday Keyless Car Key Signal Blocker Box.


Our Faraday Box blocks harmful signals and is made to store your valuable materials: car keys, mobile phones, credit cards, and others. During Ironstripe Faraday Box's creation, we were guided by our fundamental values – the synthesis of uncompromising quality, the most advanced technologies, and exceptional stylish design. The highest standards and strict control in every stage of production assure perfect quality, reliability, and security of our product. Moreover, favorable user feedback shows that Ironstripe Faraday Box becomes a very needful attribute of the modern lifestyle. The facts speak for themselves: our harmful signals blocking product is not only the first buyers’ choice in, but also is recommended by Amazon’s staff. (“Amazon‘s Best Choice “). 

Available in two sizes!

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  • The Ultimate Electronic Shield  - Ironstripe double-layer signal blocking faraday bags protect your belongings from EMF, RFID, and other hacking signals! Stay secure and UNHACKABLE against break-ins and keyless ignition theft.

  • Ironstripe Security in Style - Made with TOP quality black genuine leather, the RFID Key fob protector pouch comes with the same signal-blocking technology as our Faraday Box. Rely on Ironstripe for device security with a sleek aesthetic wherever you go.

  • Perfect Size, Fits All Brand Car Keys - Measuring approx 14 cm (5.51 in) x 9.5 cm (3.74 in), this handy faraday pouch for key fob is the perfect size to protect your keys, integrated access cards, or other small electronic devices such as a garage door opener or smart watch.

  • Portable & Easy to Carry  - Clip it onto your belt, or slip it into your purse. This key fob signal blocker smooth leather is easy to carry and offers a sophisticated style. Look cool, calm, and collected with ultimate security when traveling.

  •  3 Year Warranty - Maximum Protection  - Place vulnerable items such as car keys, credit cards, or other small devices in the faraday wallet and close them securely inside with the fastening strip. We stand behind the quality of our products, and offer a 3-year warranty. Enjoy MAXIMUM protection with Ironstripe.

Trusted Security.

Purchase the Ironstripe Faraday Pouch

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe in our products 100 percent, so we give you 2 years warranty for all our products. We also want that all our buyers will be fully satisfied with all Ironstripe Products. So, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let us know! We will offer you a refund or replacement no questions asked.


We guarantee your happiness with your purchase from us.

Protect your keyless car key fob NOW

We put all our experience, knowledge, energy, and creativity while making our Ironstripe Faraday Box and Faraday Pouch. Therefore, we are sure we will suggest you the best products. If you have any questions or suggestions we will be happy to hear from you and assist if necessary. Make your everyday life safe and comfortable with Ironstripe products.

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